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Considering peculiar and different technological and technical demands of packaging material that is used on previously focused markets, and above all paying attention to the necessity of complete control of material technical quality, at the beginning of 2005, ‘Comex’, Sabac accomplished the investment of equipment for Polyethylene film coextrusion, with complete capacity of 2000t annually.
Coextrusion line of Polyethylene film is made in Italy and comprises the three-layer co-extruder and PE film recycling equipment. Film stability electronic control manufactured by K-Design is installed in the existing coextrusion line which results in considerably enhanced characteristics of Polyethylene film and increased capacity of co-extruder.

On this line, it is possible to get multi-layer Polyethylene films of special characteristics for collective packing of water, juice and beer, for packing of detergent, frozen products, milk, paper and cotton confection (toilet paper, handkerchiefs, sanitary towels). It’s also possible to provide ideal characteristics of films for special packing demands (vacuuming, packing speed and so on) of different grainy and floury products.

The produced film has ideal mechanical characteristics for use as a graphic film, laminating film and thermo-collecting film, and it is produced in thicknesses between 20 and 200m, which satisfies demands of our target markets. The process of additive adding is electronic, by gravimetric method, which enables regular distribution of wanted additive on the whole surface of the material.

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