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In outlining of printing technology, our strategic option to cover segments of target markets with highest demands of packaging material printing has influenced our decision to choose equipment with central cylinder that is most adequate for printing ultra-thin films, and to consider increasing demands of graphic design solutions with printing capacity of up to ten colours.

COMEXI FW 2110 ten-colour printing machine and COMEXI FW 1508 eight-colour printing machine which was put to operation in January 2010 both play central role in the technological printing process. The above-mentioned presses present the top cutting-edge flexo technology. Construction solution for the central drum machines enables high printing performances of ultra thin packaging materials. Both these presses are of identical technological characteristics regarding printing width, speed and superior printing quality.

One year old, ten-colour printing machine COMEX FW 2110 made in Spain and two printing machines (with six and eight colours) on average four years old, made in Italy have the central place in technological printing process. All machines have a central cylinder, which enables high precision of ultra-thin film printing.

An automated-computerized station for mixing colours (the only one of this type on domestic market) has a special place among additional equipment in the process of packaging material printing. The station gives us the possibility of influencing the work quality to the maximum in the sense of projection of needed colours as well as the possibility of assured work repetition from order to order.

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